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About Us

bidJDM is a business that is owned by the company RHDJapan, Y.K. RHDJapan is owned and operated by Patrick and Russell. They began business here in Tokyo buying used parts on Japan's Yahoo Auctions, cleaning them up and selling them on car forums and Ebay. After several thousands of transactions Patrick and Russell made the move to new parts and left the used parts on hold.

Russell and Patrick always knew that Yahoo Auctions Japan was a gold mine, with tons of great deals and highly desired parts and goods that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. On Japan's Yahoo Auctions service, there is an almost zero percent rate of fraud and very few problems with bad sellers so it seemed like the perfect marketplace to introduce foreign customers to. The problem was that there was far too much on Yahoo Auctions Japan for only two people to handle and to do it right; the only option was to create a program that runs in tandem with Yahoo Auctions Japan API web services, allowing real time bidding on auctions.

After about 4 years of researching and analyzing the situation in light of the needs of the customer, Russell developed a business plan for how the auctions should be presented, translated and tracked to ensure the end user the best Yahoo Auctions Japan online bidding experience. Obviously, the fees for using the system and bidding on auctions have to be simple to understand and use as well as reasonable, so with this in mind, there are only two fees associated with using our service. The software system known as bidJDM was developed to not only allow you to bid in real-time on any item in Japan's Yahoo Auctions, but also to permit real-time online tracking of your auctions so that at any time you will be able to see what phase of the purchasing cycle the auction is at. bidJDM is a very robust and efficient program that simplifies the bidding process and cuts costs allowing you to enjoy your auctions for a modest fee.

Just as you may have noticed if you are a customer of RHDJapan, Patrick and Russell are always trying to make things better than before, building on their successes while learning from and improving on their mistakes. The bidJDM store software and inventory system is the culmination of eleven years of using Yahoo Auctions and seven years of exporting goods professionally from Japan. With this experience behind the bidJDM team, you will find that you can bid on and buy just about anything from Japan and have it sent to your door regardless of how big or how small it is. If it is legally exportable, bidJDM will help you to buy it and ship it to anyplace in the world faster, more efficiently, and for a more economical price than any other service out there.

bidJDM is run by a registered company here in Japan, RHDJapan, YK and holds the necessary license to deal in used goods (registered number 622260125543). We at bidJDM take business, customer service, and our customers very seriously and assure you that we will personally contact all the Yahoo Auction Sellers for you, promptly get your auction goods in to our warehouse, securely package your auction goods, and promptly ship them to you. We stand behind our services, not because it’s our job, but because this is our passion!


Patrick and Russell
bidJDM, a RHDJapan company
Osaka, Japan

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